Friday, August 31, 2007

Peyton & Ava

Peyton and Ava on the "Take your Kid to work day" haha, not really, a co-worker friend had her baby at work, and Peyton was here too, so it was fun! Peyton was acting goofy to make ava laugh too ;0)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

sooooooooo, peyton has been waking up super early the past few days, and he needs to go potty right away, which is great, but yet its bad, i don't have time to sneak out of the house---he hates it when i leave!!! but, this morning, jason was trying to "trick" him into not seeing me leave, and say lets go to my bedroom and do such and such, so peyton would inch towards the room, and i in turn went toward the backyard door, but he heard me and sprinted to the backdoor, then we'd try it again, but he would stand in front of the door....HE KNEW what we were up to! he's not dumb lol!

last night's church was great, then i had to run to eckerds to get some nighttime pull-ups for peyton, but anytime i go to the store peyton wants to go! and he ALWAYS wants to get a CAR, ugh, as i was checking out he was too cute looking at every car and truck that was presented on the table next to the check out register....crazy how stores do that, and try to take 3 dollars out of a parent's pocket, but i didn't give in, no matter how cute he looked! lol, he looked extremely cute too, he had jeans and a cute polo on that a dear friend gave to him, and with his flip flops ;0) i told him he's fashionable and when we met up with jason at church--he told jason that he was fashionable HAHA ;-) so cute!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well, it's hump day yay! and nothing "eventful" has gone on this week! Peyton has said some very cute things...such as the other day he goes "Jesus lives in my tummy"! Then, I went onto explain that it is not his tummy but his heart very very cute...

Last night Jason started Fall-Softball...Peyton was sooooo nasty and dirty after leaving the ballpark, who would of guessed, Miss-Girly-Girly Christina would have a boy first--it's teaching me a lot, and to know--it's OK if he's dirty, he's having fun! The funniest thing and the most interesting thing, is seeing this lil man, running in flip flops, and the grown up kind, not the kind with the strap on the back! HE IS SUPER TALENTED!!!

Potty training is going "ok" he stays dry most of the time, and is even wearing big boy undies, just cannot get down the poop in the potty thing...i don't know what the hold up is b/c he cannot stand to be DIRTY it's just crazy! haha! but like mom says there aren't college kids that are still in diapers or pullups! SO VERY TRUE!

So, we're getting excited about our upcoming trip in 4 weeks! We're headed to Orlando, and staying w/Brian & Naomi, Jason's parents, in their time share'll be a fun time to get away for a week!

Last week in youth group we had right around 100 it was awesome, of course i couldn't got because peyton didn't have a teacher in his class, i hate i missed seeing that many kids there!!! Maybe we'll have a good night tonight, I'll keep you posed!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Daddy helping Peyton with his shoe...

Mommy & Peyton chilling

Peyton's new golf set!

Cute pics of Peyton

August 2007

Well, I thought it's time to be on a it's easier for family to keep up with us. Not through myspace, but through something that's a little easier....
So, August 2007....Peyton is about to be 3 years and 2 months old!! so very hard to believe!
He is such a sweet little guy! He loves to talk, and he loves any kind of ball, right now, it's golf...but he would put that down and play baseball at any given moment :-)
He is in the middle of potty training, but he's doing so well at it, he is even wearing BIG BOY underwear....
He loves to go to "God's House"....he especially loves his 2 & 3 year old Teachers...Ms Lisa and her husband Mr. Christian....very sweet people...
Thanks for reading our blog...