Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love traditions!

So, Pumpkin Carving has been a tradition in my family since before I could even remember! So, last year I introduced Peyton to this tradition! And he absolutely loved it! He loved helping me clean out the slimy stuff inside the pumpkin, but he only helped me for a little while. Jason was totally disgusted by it sooooo he never really helped either (my dad used to be the one that cleaned out our pumpkin for us, guess it's not for all guys). And last years pumpkin was Smokey...the University of Tennessee's mascot, and I have to admit I did carve last years pumpkin although it was awesome! Here is a pic of it!

But, this year was a whole different story.....First of all I couldn't believe I waited so long to carve our pumpkin, we did it last night after church. I really wanted to take Peyton to a pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin because there are a couple around where we live, but that never happened! So, I went to Wal-Mart yesterday after work and got a $2 Pumpkin!!! Not bad :0) and then I had found a Mickey Mouse stencil online...I did find a Lightning McQueen one, but was kind of nervous about doing the stencil, it was very detailed! and with it being my first ever, I stuck w/the Mickey Mouse, or I had a Goofy, but Peyton decided on Mickey! We had fun digging out all the gooey, slimy stuff, and this year, Peyton stayed with me and helped me! I was thrilled to death!!! I had a helper this year, but he was funny b/c he wouldn't dig as much as I did, and he'd make me put what I dug out onto his scoop he could put it in the bowl! LOL My parents were so nice and gave us their pumpkin carving utensils, it included a couple of scoops to get the "gunk" out, and included little knives, and little picks to use with stencil, I honestly don't remember my parents have those kind of utensils when we were kids :0)! So after everything was cleaned out I started on punching holes to make a Mickey, whew, that wore me out, I was already exhausted from the entire day, plus church, plus cleaning out the pumpkin, not the stenciling....but Peyton stayed by my side, even though he talked my ear off LOL! Well, I finally got done, and the finished product is alright, not the best of the best, but considering how exhausted I was, I think it'll work...I'm posting some cute pics :0)!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Care Packages are awesome!

Yes! Care Packages are amazing, even though I'm 29 and NOT in college!!! :0) I especially loved them in college when I was many hours from my parents and I would randomly get a care package with just little stuff to show they love and care about me, and miss me....I don't get those as much as did from 1997 to 2000 lol 
BUT now it's Peyton's turn, I guess because he is the only grandson or even grandchild!!! And my family is all the way in Texas and Philly! So, Peyton received 2 really great books, one on Halloween, called My Happy Pumpkin
I had no idea that it was a Christian book until I started reading it, and I was thankful to read to my son a positive and most importantly a Christian version of Halloween, when there seems to be more and more evil things out in the stores, which is so very depressing!!!  So we are very thankful for this new addition to our book collection :0)!
 And one on Thanksgiving, called My Thanksgiving Prayer...
he received this care package from Grammy and Pops...and he wants me to read his card from them over and over again, it's so sweet!

Then, the other day my sister, who is pregnant, said I just got Turkey Sugar Cookies from Grandmother!!! And I was like how did you get those??? She said just ask her :0) Soooo I did, and then my care package came!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED! Like a Freshman in COLLEGE lol, but we're all enjoying grandmother's homemade sugar cookies, and Peyton had his first one and loves them too :0)

We are thankful for our family that still love and care about us many hundreds of miles away......

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vacation 08

We went to Orlando a few weeks ago for our Family Vacation, we went with Jason's parents, and his Aunt Cheryl and Uncle John, their son Kris, and his Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve, and his brother Justin, and Justin's girlfriend-Bethany met us up there....We had a blast!

We went to Sea World on Monday and Disney-Magic Kingdom on Thursday....Peyton said he rode all the "Adult Rides". We went to Sea World last year, so Peyton was excited about being there, but not as excited as Disney! It was just exciting seeing him enjoy everything about it! He even wanted to meet some of the Princesses, so we sat in line and waited to see them, and I have never seen him be so "charming" and just so giddy about being around the girls, it was cute! He met Princess Auro, Cinderalla and Belle. On the days we weren't at a park we either went shopping or sight seeing....or swimming....

Here are my favorite pics from our vacation....
And they are out of order, but you get the jist LOL!

The Answer to the mystery of what we're having....

We are having another BOY!!!! :0)

We found out yesterday at my 19 1/2 week appointment, and we were very excited and very THANKFUL that he is very healthy!!! Praise the Lord!!!! But, truth be told, I kind of wanted a little of each....but God has other plans that I can't argue with ;0)! And then there is Peyton, since DAY ONE he has been begging for a little brother, and had talked about the baby as a "he"....and even said when we went to a furniture store, that his baby brother and he can get bunkbeds!!!! LOL Too cute! So the faith of a child.....;0)Here is a Profile Picture
Here is the front of his face...
His foot...
And his "Boy Parts" lol!

Everything is going very smoothly with the pregnancy, I can already feel him move and its such an amazing feeling, I love it!!!!