Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's going on with Jason, Christina, & Peyton?

Well, it's starting to get chaotic in the Sharpe household...even more that summer is almost here!!!

Every day during the week we are doing something!

Then on the weekends, we have different things going on, such as this Saturday is a friend's shower at my house, then Mother's Day is Sunday with a Church Picnic...then the next weekend is the church's Men's Retreat, and a T.O.O.L.S. Conference Jason is speaking at! And then the next weekend Jason and I are taking our Seniors to Orlando for their senior trip! SIGH! I'm exhausted just thinking about just what's going on in May!

Peyton is doing great! He has started playing ball more outside, he can really hit the ball, and not from a tee :0) Then of course he LOVES playing golf outside, and he went to the driving range twice last week, which helps him even more!!! I can't believe I have a little golfer, I would NEVER would of guessed that! since my dad didn't golf and wasn't raised up around golfing :0)

The pics I'm putting on here is of his first swim lessons this year, and also pics of Peyton and his little friend Paige (again) he loves her!

Paige and Peyton making really funny faces:

More funny faces...

Peyton playing Guitar Hero!!!

Waiting to start his swim lessons...

Splashing his teacher, which, he is more advanced than this is the water, I don't know why they were doing this, but they didn't ask the parents ;0) LOL