Monday, March 24, 2008

First Easter...Sharpe's and the Hall's

Well, this is Peyton's 4th Easter!!
We started the week off with Grammy, Pops, and Emily arriving from Texas on Tuesday. On Wednesday they took Peyton to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and they stayed at a hotel, swam, and explored natural trails....They came home late Thursday night....Peyton had a BLAST!!!

On Good Friday, we hung around the house and then decided to go to downtown Chattanooga and walk around and see what there is to see....Last time I have really walked around downtown Chatt was when Jason proposed to me on October 3, 2001! Anyhow we parked, and we walked down by the river then walked over the Walking Bridge, and went into Coolidge Park, and Peyton and I rode the carousel, it was fun!!!

On Saturday morning dad wanted to take Peyton to a cave so we went to raccoon mountain's cave. Peyton absolutely loved it. During Christmas we went to a place called Rock City, and there was a cave there that he got kind of spooked in, and so by going to this cave he overcame that fear! So proud of him!!!

Then at 2 on Saturday was our church Easter Egg Hunt at Tinsley was a very fast Easter egg it seemed like!!! Peyton got 3 prize eggs for $1.75! Think his dad was a little more excited about winning those than did he ;0) Then after the Hunt my dad had brought a kite to the park and we flew that and Peyton had bubbles too, it was a blast! That night we dyed Easter eggs.....Peyton's 1st experience of dyeing eggs it was fun!

Then, Easter Sunday came....we went to the 11 o'clock service....then took some pictures....and we ate the Easter lunch that mom and I had was delicious! Then Peyton hunted for his eggs he made in the backyard....

This was the first Easter ever with Jason, Peyton, and me, and my was a very very neat and memorable weekend...and I'm thankful that they came and visited us during this time....

Enjoy the Easter Pictures....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Fun....

Yep, I'm a MONTH behind in blogging!!!!
The Sharpe household has officially gotten SUPER busy!!!

This past weekend was Winterfest weekend....which for those of you who don't know what this is, it's equivalent to like Passion and other conferences that youth go to, with bands and speakers....David Crowder Band was there along with other bands....Eddie James was awesome too!! and we had 3 amazing speakers!!!

Here is Jason & me at wfest....can you tell we're TIRED lol!!!

We took nearly 50 people this past Friday through Saturday, and it was just amazing!!! God really moved in the lives of our youth and even leaders, and that is what it's all about!!!!! Even though i'm EXHAUSTED lol!

Then the next big event weekend is March 28-29th, and that's Teen Talent, which my job and Jason being a youth pastor is very involved in, and has made us super busy....and for those who don't know what this is, it's different Divisions such as Drama, Music, Writing, Art, that the kids in our state's denomination compete anyways, our youth are very involved in this!!!

And you're thinking, well how is Peyton and where does he fit into all this....

Peyton is great, and he is such a Pastor's kid, and does so well with everything....thankfully we have Jason's parents that live right here in Cleveland, that Peyton goes and stays with in times like this.....
He is such a sweet lil man...I'm adding some pictures of him from a service where all the kids went down from 18 years of age to younger, and you can barely see him worshiping....i love it! He really loves being in church (and thank goodness b/c we're there every single week) I am trying to teach him to not run in church, in the sanctuary, and not to get on the stage, and that's so hard when other kids run around and get on the stage, but he's learning that this is God's House, and we need to respect's even harder that we meet in an actual middle school right now too....but he's doing great with it!!!

He is loving being outside too now that the weather is getting warmer, I'm adding some park pictures too!

Today my parents and sister, Emily, are coming in through Easter Sunday, I'm very excited about that, they have never spent Easter w/Peyton and they haven't spent Easter with me since I was in college!!! They are going to take Peyton on Wednesday and Thursday to an overnight trip to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg....:0) Peyton woke up at 7:45 this a.m. asking if they were here yet....poor lil guy, kids don't understand the concept of time, and if your kid does, teach me how to teach Peyton to know what it is ;0)!!!!

Until later...