Monday, December 15, 2008

Peyton's FIRST Debut

Yep! That's right!!! Peyton's First Debut was last night during our Christmas Service....He did an AMAZING job!!!! And I'm going to brag about him, because leading up to this event, practice has been AWFUL, he'd do everything but practice with the other kids, and we were seriously worried that it was going to happen on the day of the Christmas Program.

Oh! But quiet the OPPOSITE!!! During the 1st run through and practice, the only practice on stage, he loved it, he marched up to his spot and sang through all 3 songs with the motions and everything, and did an AMAZING job!!! Then, the kids went back to their room to wait to go on stage, and I was worried and praying that he wouldn't get all hyper and not want to go on the stage anymore lol!!! Oh but that didn't happen!!!! Once it was their turn to go up there, Peyton went right to his spot, and then he turned to his right and guess what he saw???? HIMSELF, on this HUGE screen where they show the video of what is going on the stage, he LOVED IT!!! He would keep looking at the screen and just get so excited about it and it would make him do better! I loved it! It was so neat to see my first born on STAGE performing at CHURCH, his very first performance, I couldn't be a more PROUD mom!!!!

SOOOOOOOO what does a proud mom do, post a TON of pictures, YES! I have FIFTY photos right here on a slideshow

....and those of you that are related to us....(even our friends you can too hehe ;0)!) when you read this, I encourage you to watch every single photo because he is a HAM!!! Yes, he's just like me when I was his age, and I hear Jason was the same way too ;0) hmmmmmm lol!!! So please enjoy, Peyton, our lil man singing for our Saviour!!! :0)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

28 Weeks....

Well, today marks 28 weeks for me....I honestly cannot believe it's already here, I am so thankful for God's Hand upon me and our baby boy Brayden Josiah that will join us in TWELVE weeks! (or less ;0)!!) I am enjoying feeling Brayden moving around in me, just 2 nights ago I was laying on my back and just watching him doing who knows what in my stomach and making it move like was too sweet! I loved it!!! Peyton is still very excited about Brayden arriving soon too!!! I am attaching a picture of what I look like at 28 weeks :0)!

Another picture I'm attaching, is Peyton's FIRST Christmas Parade, he was on a float for Royal Rangers, and their float actually won FIRST place! How exciting is that! Of course I could not ride on the float with him, but Jason said he wouldn't stop waving it was too cute! I did get some video footage of it, if I could figure out how to upload it to here I will, and my friend took this picture of Jason and Peyton camera's battery was DEAD, that was very annoying!!!! I will never do that again! Have a dead battery! and here is a photo of my friend Stephanie and I!!!

We actually put our Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving this year, yep, we cheated LOL, but enjoy some of the pictures of Peyton putting up HIS tree in his room, I loved seeing his little hands hanging every ornament with so much care, and he was so worried where everything should go.....He'd pick up and ornament and go, where does this one go....I had to keep reminding him, that it is HIS tree....he can put it anywhere he wants it.....then we have pics of our Family Christmas Tree....:0)

And finally I have some pictures of Peyton playing around on Thanksgiving day, in one you can see what he LOVES right now and that's Monster Jam Monster Trucks!!! He has over 30 of them, and loves to play with ALL of them!!! I didn't even know what Monster Trucks were until I became a mommy of a little boy lol and now I'm always looking to see if there is one at the store that he doesn't have...pretty sad huh?

That's about it in our lives....we are still very busy this Christmas season, we're going to our 2nd to last Christmas Party tonight, it's my work Christmas Party at the Bald Headed Bistro and Peyton is going to this one, he hasn't been to one yet....and Saturday night is our very last one!! YAY!!!!!! Then, December 19th, I am off work until January 5th, I 'm very excited about this time off...during this time off we'll be going to Texas, after we have Christmas in Cleveland, and then probably Christmas Day night we'll head to my home town of Van Alstyne, TX....and spend time with my family.....and it's going to be hard this year, because my dad's mom, will not be around.....I miss her so much!!!! Then, when we return....our first Sunday in our new church building will be January 4th!! We've waited almost 3 years for it to be built, and we're very excited about it!!!

Well, that's about it....Hope everyone is doing great!!! and enjoying the Christmas Season, with friends and family, but don't ever forget in this crazy time, the true reason we celebrate Christmas :0)!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tagged - My Top 8

A college friend Angie tagged me to do this top 8 list... :0) So we'll see what I come up with!!!

8 TV Shows I love to watch:
1. Jon and Kate Plus 8
2. The Office
3. CSI's (Miami, New York, and Last Vegas)
4. Biggest Loser
5. ER
6. HDTV - anything!
7. Movies w/my husband cuddled on the couch!
8. anything w/Peyton :0)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Abuelos
2. Jason's Deli
3. Outback
4. P.F. Changs
5. Red Lobster
6. Olive Garden
6. Chick-Fil-A
7. Shoguns
8. McAllisters

8 Things that happened today:
I'm going to go back to yesterday since today just started ;0) hehe
1. Woke up at 8 a.m.
2. Went to Church at 10.45
3. Went out to eat w/friends for lunch.
4. Started putting up the Christmas tree.
5. Went to a baby shower at 5.30.
6. Went to Sunday School at 6
7. Helped my mother in law with the cherub choir at church. (Peyton is in it)
8. Went to church at 7, and it was an awesome Communion Service!!!

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Getting off work early on Wednesday
2. Spending Thanksgiving w/Jason's family (last one before Brayden joins us!)
3. Possibly go shopping on Friday!
4. Celebrating our Dec. 1st, SEVENTH Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, hopefully.
5. Christmas!!
6. Going to Texas for Christmas Break
7. March 5, 2009!!! Baby Brayden's Arrival
8. Moving into our new church building!

8 Things on my Wish list:
1. I really need a new video camera, my other has died. :0(
2. That my boys grow up to be Godly men......
3. To go to Hawaii with my husband!! (again...we went on our Honeymoon)
4. To have a great full-term pregnancy and delivery!
5. That Peyton gets over his cold quickly ;0)
6. Had a Maid.......
7. A girl Spa Day!...oooh I like this one Angie lol!
8. I lived closer to my family, all of them!

8 People I tag:
1. Emily
2. Rebecca
3. Stephanie
4. Misty
5. Sarah B.
6. Christina
7. Andrea
8. Beth

Come on, girls! You can do it! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Son, Peyton Isaiah, is so sweet!

Peyton's favorite color is red, so I'm typing in red....:0)
I was sitting here thinking of things he has said or done here lately that has just made me smile or laugh....

  • He is on an antiobiotic so this makes him have a rough time going to sleep and even waking up early!! So, 2 nights ago, right before we were going to sleep it was about 11, we thought he was asleep, he comes in the hallway and says I need to go pee, oh! and i want to sleep on the floor (he likes to put his mattress on the floor...I don't know why! but he does ;0)!) and we were like no, Peyton it's too late lets do it tomorrow....after he had gone to the bathroom, we followed him to his room to tuck him in one last time, and guess what HE put the mattress on the floor himself!!!!! LOLOL It just CRACKED us up!!!
  • Another thing....he is getting so sweet every single day about talking about his Baby Brother, or "His" yesterday he wanted to hug and kiss baby Brayden, and he was hugging my stomach so much and he goes, is Brayden hugging me right now? It's so sweet....Or he'll just talk right at my belly button and just talk to Brayden like he's in the room already, and just tells him he loves him.....I need to get this on video to show everyone, I love it!!! He said he wants to teach Brayden how to go potty...and all this...and yesterday he saw the Kids on Jon and Kate Plus 8 swimming, and he said I need to get my baby swimming trunks!!! LOL! He is so thoughtful!!!
  • He is such a sweet little guy, and with the new baby coming I want him to feel just as involved and included than anything....I don't want him to ever think we have put him on the back-burner or anything...I'm praying every day that God will prepare all 3 of us for this new change in our lives that will happen in 3 1/2 far, I truly feel Peyton feels like he is part of it all....and I'm so thankful for this!!! Please help us pray.....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Friday was Halloween!

Well, I'm a little delayed in writing about last Friday's Night...out on the town in Cleveland, for Peyton's Halloween Excursions LOL!

At 5:00 Jason and I went and changed him at his parents house, and then he went outside and trick or treated there.....

And then, they asked if he wanted to go inside and get more treats, and of course he did!!! And lo and behold, he got a huge bag full of toys, from monster trucks and a new shirt, and lots of candy! And the Baby also got a present that Peyton helped open!

And the next stop was over to Bethany's house, who is Justin's girlfriend.....Justin wanted to get Peyton some neat treats, and they included SILLY STRING, which Justin watched Peyton the next night, and they played "Silly String" outside, and guess where Peyton put it, ON THE HOUSE, and we have a stucco siding for the house, hmmmmmm gotta love Uncles lol!

Then the next stop was to Great-Gramma and Grampa Sharpe's house, because Peyton is their only trick or treater and they always love to do something special for Peyton, it's so sweet!!

Well, then we heard that Aunt Becca was about to arrive from North Carolina, so we hurried home to meet up with her so she could go out with us! She brought one of her dogs-Ranger, and even got Peyton a very cute cake for Halloween!

Then, we loaded back into the car to go to our mall. Our church along with a local Baptist Church...Westwood Baptist, teamed up together and had some games in the mall and were handing out candy. Needless to say this was not my favorite stop nor Peyton's! They had a Haunted House in the mall, and they were scaring children...Peyton called the people dressed up, "Bad People", and then the lines were crazy, and just people everywhere, we will not be visiting the mall next year!!! But here are some cute pics of Peyton....

We then headed to the First Baptist's Family Life Center, and this was the best thing that we went to that night!!! They had this huge field...filled with Inflatables everywhere!!! And it wasn't terribly crowded either....and they had little games and food as well....I was so impressed by how they did their festival!!! I hope our church will be able to do this next year at our new land....where our new building is....Anyways, here are some good pics, I took a lot but here are just a few, Peyton as you can see LOVES inflatables....and loves to go on really high ones!!! Becca couldn't believe he was going to climb this really high one, but he did and proved us wrong LOL!

Our last stop was to our dear friends Charles and Betsy Houston's house....:0)

And this was just a long night, it lasted from 5-10 p.m., and in the middle of everything, Jason went to our high school rivals football game, so I was thankful to have my sister in town to go around with Peyton and me....

Peyton had a blast as you can see in the pictures, he had fun dressing up as Lightning McQueen's Race Car Driver....It was a fun family night....we're not into celebrating the Day of Halloween, but we love making it a family night, with fun family activities to do! :0)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love traditions!

So, Pumpkin Carving has been a tradition in my family since before I could even remember! So, last year I introduced Peyton to this tradition! And he absolutely loved it! He loved helping me clean out the slimy stuff inside the pumpkin, but he only helped me for a little while. Jason was totally disgusted by it sooooo he never really helped either (my dad used to be the one that cleaned out our pumpkin for us, guess it's not for all guys). And last years pumpkin was Smokey...the University of Tennessee's mascot, and I have to admit I did carve last years pumpkin although it was awesome! Here is a pic of it!

But, this year was a whole different story.....First of all I couldn't believe I waited so long to carve our pumpkin, we did it last night after church. I really wanted to take Peyton to a pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin because there are a couple around where we live, but that never happened! So, I went to Wal-Mart yesterday after work and got a $2 Pumpkin!!! Not bad :0) and then I had found a Mickey Mouse stencil online...I did find a Lightning McQueen one, but was kind of nervous about doing the stencil, it was very detailed! and with it being my first ever, I stuck w/the Mickey Mouse, or I had a Goofy, but Peyton decided on Mickey! We had fun digging out all the gooey, slimy stuff, and this year, Peyton stayed with me and helped me! I was thrilled to death!!! I had a helper this year, but he was funny b/c he wouldn't dig as much as I did, and he'd make me put what I dug out onto his scoop he could put it in the bowl! LOL My parents were so nice and gave us their pumpkin carving utensils, it included a couple of scoops to get the "gunk" out, and included little knives, and little picks to use with stencil, I honestly don't remember my parents have those kind of utensils when we were kids :0)! So after everything was cleaned out I started on punching holes to make a Mickey, whew, that wore me out, I was already exhausted from the entire day, plus church, plus cleaning out the pumpkin, not the stenciling....but Peyton stayed by my side, even though he talked my ear off LOL! Well, I finally got done, and the finished product is alright, not the best of the best, but considering how exhausted I was, I think it'll work...I'm posting some cute pics :0)!