Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Christmas time!

It's Christmas Time in the Sharpe household! I cannot believe it's ALREADY here! I have put some pictures on here....some are of us at my work Christmas Party, went to a place called the Enchanted Lights on Rock City, in was a blast, and it was gorgeous! We had so many Christmas Parties to attend with being in the Ministry, from the Youth Christmas party to the Church staff Christmas party-- I am so thankful that they are now finished!
Then the picture where Peyton is opening the present, was tonight, Friday, the 21st, he opened his first present from us, and he loved it as you can see in the photos :0) He LOVES the Cars Movie!!
And then there is the picture of Santa, Peyton was so excited to tell Santa he was wanting a new bike and a guitar, the guitar was new to us ;0)
Then, there is the photo of our home decorated on the outside with lights, our first Christmas in our new home!!
As you can see I love taking pictures, and especially during Christmas time!! I truly enjoy Christmas time, and with a lil man, that is 3 it makes it even more fun!! Even with all the loud noised cars he has haha I still love it!
He loves to hear about Baby Jesus and that is the true meaning of Christmas, but he lets us know now that Jesue is not a baby anymore, but is "Big" sweet is that?? What 3 year old says that??!! Amazing! I pray that Jason and I will continue to try to be the perfect example of Christ to Peyton, it's hard at times when we get onto him, but Patience, Patience, Patience, is what I have been taught through the past 3 and half years!! Anyhow, I love Christmas! I love Christmas with my husband, my beautiful lil man, and my family and friends!!
Love you guys! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!
We're heading out on Monday, the 24th to go to Texas for a week. I am so excited to go "home" and visit my family and friends! Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving and Christmas Tree Decorating

I cannot believe Thanksgiving has already came and is now gone. This year we went to Brian and Naomi Sharpe's house (Jason's parents) and had lunch with....Gramma and Grampa Sharpe (Jason's grandparents) Grandpa Koester (Naomi's dad-Jason's granddad), Jerry and Terry Sharpe (Jason's dad's brother & sis in law), Benjamin Sharpe-their son, Blair his girlfriend; then Justin and Peyton and Jason. It was a nice lunch and Peyton had fun entertaining althought he wasn't 100% we took a family picture for our Christmas pictures, which I'm not too thrilled about but they look good I guess ;0). Then after lunch I called my family in Texas, and the ritual is to pass around the phone so I can say hi to everyone, and that was just hard for me this year, especially when my Aunt Elaine got on the phone and said she's excited about meeting Peyton, because after 3 1/2 years she has never seen him, that really really bothered me.....and made me really homesick....but soon we'll be flying home to Texas!!!!

During the Wednesday to Sunday I was off that week we put together our 9 ft Christmas tree, it was a Christmas tree that Jason's parents let us borrow, very sweet of them. We were going to decorate it Silver and Red but decided on Silver, Red and Gold and it's very pretty I think ;0) and even Peyton has a tree, it's of course, a Tennessee Vols with Orangish and White balls and his ornaments I have started to collect for him since his 1st christmas, a tradition mom started w/us kids :0) He is very proud of his little tree!!!! and instead of him decorating our very delicate ornaments he decorated with his ornaments and he was very careful with it, it was very sweet :0)

Then the next day was Thanksgiving and the first thing he said when he got our of bed was is Santa coming today ;0) how sweet is that?? I had to explain Santa had to eat his thanksgiving meal....

So, Peyton is asking for a Lightning McQueen bike for Christmas from Santa Claus...we'll see what Santa can do ;0)

(enjoy the pics)