Monday, October 29, 2007

Another weekend w/the Sharpe's

Well, this past Friday night thru Saturday night Jason had to go to the Royal Family Kids Connection--it's a ministry to Foster children, and it was the Middle School group.

So, Friday night- Peyton and I met Nana & Poppa and Uncle Justin at a mexican food place, and then went onto the mall just to waste time....

Then Saturday morning, I wanted to do something Peyton has yet to do, as well as me...we went to the Chattanooga Zoo, it wasn't a huge zoo...but it was PERFECT for a 3 year old who has never gone! He loved it so much!!! When I would try to coax him to live-he'd go no, I want to stay at the zoo lol! It's also neat that he has been studying Noah's Ark and the Flood in his Kid's Church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights...but one of the most favorite things he liked was a Caboose that was used as a room to look at one of the zoo animals...and it was an old timey one, he thought it was so neat, and he could walk around and explore it, we had to go in it like 5 times!!! Then he wanted to go to the petting zoo part 4 or 5 times, he loved that too, the goats that were actually sheep lol they sure did look like goats though LOL!!! And they had a dog, that Peyton adored...and a donkey that had poop and he thought that was funny too!
Peyton says his favorite thing at the zoo was the Caboose and his favorite animal was the Spider Monkey (I think he likes the name too lol!) So, the zoo was just awesome!!! Great Mommy and Peyton time!!!! I love that little guy...

Then, after the zoo, I said Peyton do you want to go to the mall and play in the kid area, or go to McDonalds and eat and play, he wanted the mall, so we got Chic-fil-a, and ate, then proceeded to play in the kid area, he said he loves playing with the kids! :0) Then we walked around the mall, we even went into the Disney store, he LOVED that too! Then we left at 2.30, and we got home at 3, and he went right to sleep! We had a great Saturday!!!!!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Peyton's Pumpkin!

This is what you do AFTER you are done w/the pumpkin LOL!

this pic is for Grammy and Pops who got Peyton this outfit last year!

1st step, taking off the lid :0)


"My hands are dirty momma" --he didn't like the icky feeling on his hands lol! And we had to take off his shirt....serious stuff here!

What a good helper!

Peyton posing w/his pumpkin :0)

So we carved (well our friend did the carving) we "gutted" our first family Pumpkin last night! Whew that was interesting!
So, I cut the top off the pumpkin, that in of itself was TOUGH, who would of guessed it! (i kept thinking-my dad always did this!!!!!) then Peyton and I began to take the seeds out and the stringy stuff, I called my dad to ask him how much we were suppose to get out, he said pretty much all of it....keep reading, b/c i didn't get it ALL out lol
Well, we took it to our friend's house, b/c he was going to carve it by using a stencil and then poking dots in it....(they've come a long way since when my dad used to do it free handed lol!) anyhow...he did a great job, and i think i can do it next year....we didn't want to do anything scary for Peyton's sake...and I'm just not into the scary thing anyways...I see Halloween more as a family time, not a scary thing....but once we got there, Matt said you didn't get everything out....and they had a pumpkin SCRAPER!!! HAha I have never heard of that...I will get one though for next year lol, and they also had a pumpkin knife...TOO cool!!! I will invest in that too next year!!! Anyhow he scraped ALL the gunk out for me! And while his wife and I chatted he did my pumpkin, and WE LOVE it!!!

Here it's the mascot for the University of Tennessee....Smokey...go figure lol! I'm out numbered here!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pooping Peyton

Peyton is doing so great at going number 2 on the potty lol, I know that's hilarious to talk about!!! But, it's such a HUGE milestone for our family with Peyton and especially for Peyton!! We are so so very proud of him!!!

And here is a video of him while he was singing in our car to one of his dvd's :0) enjoy! And another of him being silly!

Orlando 2007 Family Vacation

Too Excited lol!

There he goes!

My son the dare-devil lol

"Ride em Cowboy!"

What a vacation!!! lol

I love it!

Peyton is into "cheesing" for the camera wonder where he gets that from lol!

My little lefty!!!

Peyton and daddy in front of the Budweiser Horse lol

He LOVED the little rollar coasters :0)

Sorry Shane...but Jason's cousin married a Brazilian and his mother in law (Jason's aunt) bought Peyton this soccer outfit...but Peyton loved his first time experience w/the walking escalator!

Getting to take a break from shopping w/mommy!

Peyton loved cheezing with Shamu!

Here we are at Sea World :0) it was hot hot day!!!

The first week of October we had our first family vacation--ever! And the first week long vacatin Jason and I have had since our Honeymoon!!! So, that was nice, we went to Orlando, FL...Jason's parents have a timeshare, one they've had for years...over 20 to be exact, and we stayed w/them and Justin in a 3 bedroom 3 bath condo, very nice place! We hung out, we shopped, the guys played golfed, the girls shopped some more (Jason's aunt and uncle and cousin were there too!) we went to Sea World on Wednesday, and it was so much fun, very hot but fun too! Peyton LOVED the kid's section....there were cute rollarcoasters for him and then a big netted play area, that was soooo high up i'd so over 30 ft high up, he loved it so much!!! Then of course we saw Shamu and that show that went with it, and a Dolphin show...our dinners at night were so good, i loved going to Bubba Gump's the best seafood anywhere!!! hands down!