Monday, August 2, 2010

Just need to vent....

Wow! It's been 2 months since I've blogged :0( whew! Sorry about that....We've had a very busy, awesome, crazy summer!!!  So much to talk about...but I need to vent about one particular subject WORKING MOM!

Please do not get mad whoever reads this that I may work with or have worked with or about to work with...that's not the point, the point is that I'm just spilling my heart.....

On that note.....I go back to working FULL time this week, and I'm so SO heartbroken!  My heart is literally aching.....I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed being a part-time working mom for the past FIVE has been so rewarding to be there for my boys 2 days a week, and help them through the transition of moving.  I have bonded pretty strongly with them over the past few months, and it has just been wonderful.  But, I guess reality sets in, and we have to make ends meet, therefore, I have to work outside the home.  I know God will help me through's just tough....I remember since Peyton was a little older than Brayden, he'd say "mommy please don't work" or "mommy stay with me" or "mommy don't go" and I know it's about to happen with Brayden too....and it hurts my heart so much!  I just wish this doesn't have to be the option, but it is for our family, and I'm behind it 100% because we're a family and that's what we do, we support each other.....and our decisions together.....but it does not take away from the emotions I'm feeling.....

Peyton does start school, August 11th, and I'm so excited for him, but please help me pray for him....this will be his 3rd DIFFERENT school in just one year!  I PRAY that he does an amazing job, and I PRAY that God will bring him the RIGHT group of friends to hang out with....My heart is heavy for my oldest child at the moment, but I know I KNOW He is in God's Hands, and that's what gives me some sort of PEACE!!!  We dedicated him when he was a baby to the LORD, and God will protect him.....and be there for him....I PRAY that his teacher is hopefully a Christian, and I know it's a secular school, so if she's not I PRAY that she is positive, and outgoing and upbeat, and is there for Peyton....

Peyton has also started FOOTBALL, YES I said football, and he's doing an AWESOME job! I'm so proud of him, his 1st game is the 1st weekend of September, but his practices have been every night but Wednesday night for 2 hours!  But he has done great keeping up and learning all the new drills!  He's a pro ;0)  Plus he has an awesome Daddy that helps him along the way....

And sweet Brayden! My goodness he is growing leaps and bounds!  I cannot believe I almost have a 1 1/2 year old!!!  He is everywhere, and I mean EVERYwhere!!! And just talking up a storm, some words I understand and some I just don't have a clue haha!  He is somewhat interested in potty training already but I'm not going to push it at ALL!  I can't go to Peyton's practices for long, because Brayden wants to be on the field with him and all the boys!  I promise you he thinks he's one of them!

I'm going to miss spending my 2 days off during the week with them....I'm going to miss just doing random things around the house, whether it's playing a board game with Peyton or chasing Brayden around the house....I will miss it so much!  I know I have the weekends with them and after I get home from work, but it's not the same.....

But, like I said, I support my husband and my decision a 100%!!!  Because I know we have to do this for our family.....Please pray for me as I'm starting this new job, I'm excited about working with one of youth leaders in our church and a mom of our teens in our youth group.  I'm excited about getting to know her company and how to do my new job.....

God is good....and so very faithful.....

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010-A day filled with Memories!!

We had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!   It was a day filled with water, FIRSTS, good food, and GREAT Friends!!!  We went to Smith Lake near Cullman, AL....

The boys had a blast!!! Peyton more than Brayden....but he is older, Peyton was pretty much outside from 10-4!!! and would of stayed FOREVER!!!  He rode a seado for the first time and a boat as well!!  He caught 2 fish!! and just had a blast with Cameron, Hunter, and Cain!!!  Brayden had his 1st boat ride too, he didn't know what to think of it at first, he started to try to get OUT, but then calmed down once he figured out what was going on :0)  He also had a life jacket on the entire time he was near the water and did great with it, although it looked sooo awkward and uncomfortable on him...but he did so well!  He also took an almost 3 hour nap!!

I went on my first seado ride and drove one for the first time, it was a blast!!

We thank the Jarvis' and Lewis' for inviting us to a very fun day and letting us crash on all your water stuff and lake house!!  It was a great Memorial Day for sure!

Enjoy the pictures :0)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Class of 2010 Lakeside Kindergarten Graduation!!!

I have a GRADUATE!!!

Peyton Isaiah just finished Kindergarten and I'm soooo very proud of him!!!

He began his first day of school at Yates Primary School and Ms. Dee Morris was his teacher.

Jason became the new Student Pastor at Metro Church in Mid-March.  So we were torn about what to do for school for Peyton whether he should go to the public school or a private.....
We decided to put Peyton in the Baptist Church across the street....they were known to be a great Kindergarten, and so he went there...and graduated Kindergarten at Lakeside Baptist.  I am soooo proud of this young man!  God has been right there with him through this HUGEEEEE transition and has walked with him through it all, again I'm beyond proud of my Peyton!!!

Enjoy the graduation pics :0)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Under God's Sea in 3D...Peyton's 1st Musical!

The first weekend in May Peyton was in his first musical at our new church....

He did an amazing job!  We immediately put him in choir when we got here and he immediately learned the songs and the movements and did just an outstanding job....Enjoy the pictures of what he did :0)  And of course the rest of the kids did an awesome job as well :0)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Brayden Josiah!!!

Brayden Josiah turned 1 on February 27, 2010!!

It was such an awesome day of celebrating our little man and how precious he is to us!!! Unfortunately Peyton had a horrible stomach virus that day and was quarantine to our room the entire day, he didn't want to budge from where he was!!!

Please enjoy these sweet pictures of the boys and Brayden's 1st Birthday, so hard to believe!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday 2010 AND also Brayden's 1st Super Bowl!!

Welllllllllllllllllll Last Sunday was a sad Sunday for my husband:
the Colts lost :0(

But, it we had a houseful of teens and friends and soooooo the lost wasn't TOO bad hah! :0)
Enjoy the pictures of the boys....Brayden loved interacting with the teens; and Peyton was in the backyard the entire time w/the middle school boys, as they did not WATCH the game, but played football in the backyard, and later found out it was TACKLE football, and that they also got a girl's number LOL (not Peyton!)

Anyhow it was a blast, enjoy the pictures....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

23 days really?

I cannot believe in 23 days I will no longer have a "baby-baby" in my household.  My heart is very sad thinking about this, I feel at any moment I could burst out in TEARS!  This time last year I was so huge and it literally hurt to move....and now I'm moving CONSTANTLY with my sweet lil man, when I'm home with him.....(that's a different story)

He is doing sooo much these days...and in a matter of days he will be RUNNING everywhere...this is just crazy to me!  He loves exploring the ENTIRE house!!!  and loves to be right where I'm at....I love playing with him in his room, we just shut the door and play with whatever we can....I'm so thrilled to know he loves to play and figure out how to do different stuff!!

Brayden Josiah will be 1 in 23 days, and just feels like yesterday that God blessed us with another boy....I am so very thankful for this amazing little man!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So what's up with Us?

Well, the pictures are in reverse order, sorry, and I don't want to take the time to reverse them back  :0)
Here is Brayden checking out his Big Brother....he didn't get a lot of snow time b/c he was trying to get sick 

Now he's loving on his brother, Peyton was kissing him 2! :0)
Brotherly Love!
This is what Peyton figured out he could do....remove all the snow/ice off the backyard chairs and throw it against the fence....:0)
Figuring it out :0)

Brayden loves his walker!

His FAVORITE part of the living! The entertainment center box, he LOVES to turn up the volume!

Learning to LOVE his sippy cup...we're trying ;0)

Peyton received a HIGH honor, and got Student of the Month at Yates Primary School for the month of January....the characteristic was "Self-Discipline"

Peyton throwing snowballs back at Jason!

Brayden and I posing :0)

Peyton's picture of us posing ;0)

Neat photo :0) Peyton is learning how to make his 1st snowball!

Posing!! Notice our car in the road, we couldn't get up the driveway :0(
Walking to mommy!
He Made it!!!!
Polar Express came a little later to Peyton's school, because there was bad weather before Christmas!
Peyton's cool Teacher! Ms. Morris

Friday, January 8, 2010

God is about to turn the Sharpe household upside down....

....I can just feel it!!! I am expecting it!!!

I am so excited for 2010!!!

Jason and I are about to start a Daniel Fast......and I don't want to "boast" about it, but I want to explain how excited I am about it, excited about what God will reveal to us during this time!!!!  We are starting January 10th and going until January 31st... Please pray for us as well, pray for commitment, and endurance, but really pray that God will reveal things to us that we never knew possible, that He will reveal HIMSELF to us.....and that our walk with HIM will grow, and then our marriage will grown, then our relationship with our boys will grow...I get goosebumps just thinking about it!!!  God is about to do something amazing!!!!

Jason and I also started a year long couple's is called The Love Dare Day by Day by Stephen Kendrick....we love's an easy read, but perfect for us to spend some spiritual time together...I highly recommend it with you and your spouse....

I challenge you to grow this 2010 as well!!!! Let this be the best year YET!

Christmas Stories...

We all had an amazing time at Christmas...Brayden's 1st Christmas, and our sweet nephew's 1st Christmas....and Peyton was such a sweetheart in the way he was so patient with the 2 newest members of our family!  Peyton numerous of times helped Brayden open presents....and show him how to play with his toys!!!

So, Christmas began before Christmas for us.....we visited with Jason's grandparents for a little while and they gave our boys such sweet gifts, and they were able to love on them....they are such amazing people, and from Canada, and have the neatest accent!!!  Then we headed over to Jason's parents house, in which his brother and his girlfriend were there as well as Jason's mom's dad....We had an awesome time of just hanging out and spending time together!!!  It was mass chaos in opening presents, and this year was odd with Christmas at their house because it was later in the evening, and Brayden was awfully fussy...but we made it through, and it was so much fun.....I am so blessed to have amazing inlaws that treat me like their own!!!!

Then on December 23rd we headed to TEXAS!!  Whew! What a trip.....let me tell you God really tested all of our patience and totally wanted us to rely COMPLETELY on HIM!!!!  I am so bad at usually getting my boys out of their carseats when they begin fussing immediately, and I will confess to this!  But I took a defensive driving course, and I will NEVER do this again unless for a few minutes or for a dyer emergency!!  So, that said....Brayden sat in his carseat for 13 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I AM SO PROUD of him, and Peyton!!!!  For 8 out of the 13 hours, we went through a DOWNPOUR!!! We found out that we were in Tornado and Thunderstorm warnings once we were in Arkansas, it was TERRIBLE and lots of Prayers were going up....from our truck and from family all over the US!!!  But PRAISE THE LORD!!!! We made it to Van Alstyne, TX safely!!!!

Christmas Eve was very odd this 2009 I lost 2 amazing aunts :0( and in 2008 I lost my beautiful Nanie (my grandmother) tragically....and last year we weren't in TX to celebrate Christmas Eve & Day it was our round to be in it was just so different this year....but we made the most of it, and we made our new memories this year!  I wish more family could of came, but Texas was getting snow for the 1st time since 1983 for Christmas Eve and Day!!!!  So it was just our immediately family that was there......and it very special, just sad...because Christmas Eve, before I was even born was with my Nanie and my dad's side of the family.....I teared up a lot that night.....but WOW in 2009 we also gained 2 awesome little boys in our family.....;0)  We decorated Christmas cookies....and Peyton had a great time doing that, he CAKED on his icing....he said Santa needed it that way!!!  and Jason would keep eating his cookies he decorated HAHA fun times!

Christmas Day came, and it was a very nice and quiet day as well, all 4 of the Hall siblings were home and spouses, except Doug, he has been serving in was fun to have 3 young boys there to watch them open their presents and get spoiled :0)......during the reading of the Christmas story....Brayden started hitting on a present and it kept "singing" to him (it was his of course) and he would start hitting it HARDER and finally it broke open, it was HILARIOUS because this was through the entire Christmas was fun ;0)!  It was a very nice day......

Jason and I were able to stay the night away one night for our 8th wedding Anniversary, which was on December 1st, but we wanted my parents to keep the boys and let them enjoy time alone with them....I was so nervous about this because Brayden is VERY spoiled by me putting him down!!!  and I was so thankful to hear that my dad, yes my DAD was able to put him down within 10 minutes! I was so proud of him :0) ha!
It was nice...Jason and I went shopping at the Stonebriar Mall (it's a huge mall...I love it!) and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory....then stayed at the Dallas Marriott Legacy Center was so nice to just have OUR time together...I love my boys dearly, but it's so important for couples to do this too.....

Also, during our visit, we were able to go to my grandparents house in Bowie, TX!!! They still had lots of drifts it was up to 12 inches!!!  and we had lunch with them, and my aunt and uncle and of course my sister and parents as has been long-overdue for us to visit them, and actually eat at my grandmother's dining room table....I loved it!!! and the homemade food, especially the BREAD lol!!!!  Then my granddad took the boys and Jason and I and my dad out to his farm, and Peyton got to ride his huge John Deere was lots of fun!!!!  the younger boys slept in the car though lol!!!

We came home on the following Wednesday, it was sad to leave, but nice to get back to our house and take down Christmas Decorations and get our house back to "normal".....:0)

I will post pictures soon I hope......

What an amazing 2009 Christmas this has been!!!