Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So what's up with Us?

Well, the pictures are in reverse order, sorry, and I don't want to take the time to reverse them back  :0)
Here is Brayden checking out his Big Brother....he didn't get a lot of snow time b/c he was trying to get sick 

Now he's loving on his brother, Peyton was kissing him 2! :0)
Brotherly Love!
This is what Peyton figured out he could do....remove all the snow/ice off the backyard chairs and throw it against the fence....:0)
Figuring it out :0)

Brayden loves his walker!

His FAVORITE part of the living! The entertainment center box, he LOVES to turn up the volume!

Learning to LOVE his sippy cup...we're trying ;0)

Peyton received a HIGH honor, and got Student of the Month at Yates Primary School for the month of January....the characteristic was "Self-Discipline"

Peyton throwing snowballs back at Jason!

Brayden and I posing :0)

Peyton's picture of us posing ;0)

Neat photo :0) Peyton is learning how to make his 1st snowball!

Posing!! Notice our car in the road, we couldn't get up the driveway :0(
Walking to mommy!
He Made it!!!!
Polar Express came a little later to Peyton's school, because there was bad weather before Christmas!
Peyton's cool Teacher! Ms. Morris