Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Picture of Many of Sharpe Baby #2

I wanted to post a picture of our latest addition....

Today Jason & I went to our First Doctor's Visit, and we are due March 5, 2009!!!! The doctor said everything is going smoothly....and looks great!!! We'll keep y'all posted, the next appointment is August 22nd..

I love Pictures!

Below are some recent pictures of what has gone on the past month....

Peyton had his 4th Birthday party on June 21st at Playworld Downunder....My parents and sister, Rebecca, were in town for it....which was nice to have my side of the family in....

Then this past weekend July 18-19th we took our teens to the Braves Game then spent the night in Atlanta, and went to Six Flags the next day....It was Peyton's first youth trip....he went to bed at 2.30 in the MORNING!!! He would not wind up early...and had a blast at 6 Flags, even though it was ridiculously HOT!!!! This was Peyton's 1st Major League Baseball Game and Peyton's first visit to Six Flags over Georgia, he has been to Six Flags over Texas already....

So enjoy the photos....Click on the arrow to see more photos

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer 2008 for the Sharpe's

Well, Youth Camp 2008 is officially over, as of last Thursday, thank goodness!!!! This was a very very tiring year for youth camps, for several reasons....The main reason is because I found I was PREGNANT half way through the 4 weeks of camps!!! We are all so very excited, and we will know better next Wednesday when our projected due date is, I think I'll be due the 1st week of March, which is ironic, because my birthday is March 1st, and I always said I wanted my 2nd by the time i'm 30!!!!! And that's right to the date! God has a sense of humor LOL

But, I'm feeling alright, but this week I've started my nauseousness, it's tough, it's like I feel really sick in my stomach, but I don't want to throw up, and I really don't have an urge to throw up, thank goodness, that is my least favorite thing to do!!! I'm guessing I'm about 6 weeks along....

Peyton is so excited about being a Big Brother! He has already said he wants one of both--a boy and a girl LOL, silly boy! He even said I will clean up ALL the messes! We shall see lol! Last night he told me he wanted a bunk bed, and the baby could sleep on the top bunk, I then said Peyton, wouldn't you rather like to sleep on the top since you'll be the Big Brother, he then agreed with me, but we aren't buying bunk beds LOL!

Jason is excited too!! He announced it to the teenagers last week that we are having a new "youth" in March...they didn't get it, so he had to say Baby Sharpe is coming in March!!! LOL They are all excited, a couple of them wanted us to have a baby before they graduated, and they graduate in May 2009!!! LOL

Well, that's the latest in the world of the Sharpe's! This weekend, actually Friday, Peyton is going to his 1st Major League Baseball Game...the Braves game, we take our youth every summer, and then we're all going to Six Flags on Saturday, UGHHHH, not looking forward to it, but what we do for our teens, I will definitely NOT be riding ANY rides!!!! Baby comes first, although, I'll miss riding!!! I'll post pictures as soon as possible!

Love ya'll!