Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life Has Changed the Past Few Weeks.....

Peyton's 1st Day of Kindergarten!!

As of August 19, 2009, Jason and I were no longer parents of just 2 little boys, we became the parents of a boy in SCHOOL, and a baby.....we no longer just got up and rolled out of bed....and I went to work, and Jason got the boys ready and took them to his mom's, letting them both sleep in! Nope! Now it's me waking up at 6.30 and then "starting the process" of getting Peyton out of bed.....which we have to start way in advance because he isn't a morning person :0)!!

But, Peyton loves Kindergarten!!! I was trying to be the "good mommy" and pack him a cute little lunch and with a note in it!!! And I find out he hardly ate it, but he immediately told us he wanted to get a tray!!! And since then he has eaten in the cafeteria and hasn't wanted me to bring his lunch LOLOLOL! Kindergarten is so much different than when we were in Kindergarten!!! Now they are doing things that 2nd Graders did when I was little! Reading. Writing Sentences. a BUNCH of paperwork!!! It's just unreal!!! And Peyton just turned 5 and I sometimes wonder if we did the right thing by putting him straight in Kindergarten, but we all have a peace that he's in the right place and where he needs to be!!! God is in Control.....and He is with him when we cannot be.....and He is helping him when we can't comfort him....Peyton is God's Child, that God has blessed us with to raise.......so thankful He did!!!

Now Brayden, whoa! So much is changing in his life!!! He is rolling ALL over the place! If Peyton is in the room he rolls to where Peyton is. If we put a blanket down to help him not spit up on the rug, he rolls off of it....But it's the neatest thing to see him especially try to go where Peyton is! He is sitting up so well now too, not completely, but pretty steady!! He is saying a sound that sounds like "MMMMM" and I've been working with him to say MOMMA LOL! ;0) Sorry Jason!

So, life is just crazy, it's been an adjustment....but awesome for us, and we're so blessed once again of our 2 amazing boys!

Some Photos of Brayden.....and of him chewing on his highchair too :0)