Thursday, December 17, 2009

Way behind...3 months to be exact lol!


I'm so behind and I'm very very behind....

But, hey, let me catch you up a little on what's going on with the Sharpe's and their amazing 2 boys ;0)!!!

Well, Peyton, is doing AWESOME in school!!!! We were SO concerned about him starting school as a very very young 5 year old, his birthday is at the end of June....but, he has far exceeded everything!!! He is excelling in everything he is doing...he has his "days" where he's not doing so hot, but HEY don't we all have those "days".....he is counting and writing to 100....and reading, and, cutting so great (even his hair!!! YES his hair! UGH) but when he started school he didn't do great on this topic, but once again, God is good and is helping him in every area of his development....We have prayed for Peyton every single day since the day we knew we were pregnant with him, and God continues to show up and do wonders in his life!!
In October, we were told that Peyton needed tubes in both his ears, and Adenoids, we did....and we prayed about this situation, and how he'd recover and if there would be any sort of change, once again God showed up, he had a lot of fluid behind his ear, and the Doctor cleared that out as he was putting tubes in his ears....and mind you before the tubes, this is how we found out he needed them, was that at school, he failed his hearing test in his ear, and failed it twice!!! But 2 weeks ago he PASSED with flying colors! He is doing so great with eye-hand coordination!!! He was tossing balls up in the air and catching them without thinking, AND he couldn't do this before, not consecutively....and catching balls that were being thrown to him, is a complete change as well!!! GOD IS SO GOOD! Just watch out baseball season this year ;0)!!!
Lets see....I'm sure there is more on Peyton, but I'm going to Blog better this next year I PROMISE!!!

Now to little Brayden, our youngest, my goodness, I don't think I'll catch everything he's doing, so I'll try in list form lol!

-Since I wrote well maybe he did before I wrote last, but he started sitting up on his own at about 5 1/2 months....
-He then managed to learn to roll ALL over the floors and would be all over the house with this method of getting around....UNTIL the first weekend in November, at 8 months old he was crawling FULL TIME, and now he's ALLL over our house, and is climbing now too....and he'll climb and walk himself down whatever he's standing up holding onto, such as the couch, he'll walk from one couch to the other holding onto it!!!! He's standing up on his own, here and there as well!
-He is saying, Dada, Papa, Bubba, Bye bye, and waves w/it ;0), and here lately he'll go MMMMMMMMMMMMM like he's trying to say momma he'll get it SOON
-He loves LOVES his big Bubba, and Peyton loves him, it's such a strong love that I'm tearing up right now as I write this! He squeals when Peyton enters the room, or attacks him if he's on the floor with him...I love it! and Peyton is equally in love with him!!!
-Brayden is so interested in this little table Peyton still eats at as well, and wants everything to do w/Peyton as he's eating at it, Peyton doesn't want him around so much when that happens LOL
-there is SOOo much more, I will definitely keep up better going forward, I PROMISE!

One story though, is that this past week we were watching a friend's child, and Peyton and her were playing with a video game, and Brayden climbed right on top of them trying to get to it as well LOL well, I decided to get bar stools out so that he wouldn't bother them, and they sat on them as he was trying to mess w/them....and then they brought out monster trucks to play with...once again you know who got into their space, so they ran to Peyton's room and shut the door, well here goes Brayden towards Peyton's was HILARIOUS!!! and we had to keep catching him so he wouldn't bother them....OH THE JOY of sibling rivalry ALREADY lolol!!!

Well, below are the boys Christmas/Winter Pictures that my dear friend Athena Davis did for us!!! Enjoy ;0)

And Yes I'll keep up more, and add more fun pictures maybe to go with the above stories LOL!

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