Friday, June 19, 2009

to my Peyton Isaiah Sharpe....

One year old!
15 Months
18 Months with Uncle Shane (Shane's favorite sport!)

2 Years Old!

3 Years Old
4 Years Old
and now ;0)
I cannot believe that we are 2 days away from your 5th Birthday! Just seems like yesterday you were born! I was scared to death to be a mommy for the first time and to be so far away from my family that lived in Texas.....The first moment I held you in my arms my love for you just overcame me like a huge wave, it was so overwhelming and so strong!!! You had the prettiest jet black hair and you were the tiniest little thing at just 6 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long!!! Our journey began that day on June 21, 2004 at 6.15 p.m. of being parents!! You have DEFINITELY paved the way for little Brayden ;0)!!! You were such a sweet baby, (still are sweet ;0)!) you got so chubby so quickly, you came out tiny but grew instantly LOL ;0) You didn't start out crawling, but would roll everywhere, you started that like at 7 months and did it until you were 12 months then you crawled for a like a month and then began walking!! You were so adventurous!! I used to try to put hair things in your hair, and daddy hated it, so he immediately taught you about sports and how to play video games (how ironic that your birthday party tomorrow is a Wii birthday)!!

But Peyton, God has definitely blessed us with your life!! You have taught us so much about ourselves through your life, God has used you at such a young age, to teach us things!! You are God's Child that He is ALLOWING us to raise up...and what an honor it is to be your mommy!!! I love you my sweet Peyton! Happy 5th Birthday!!! I hope you enjoy it!!! You deserve the best!