Thursday, December 17, 2009

Way behind...3 months to be exact lol!


I'm so behind and I'm very very behind....

But, hey, let me catch you up a little on what's going on with the Sharpe's and their amazing 2 boys ;0)!!!

Well, Peyton, is doing AWESOME in school!!!! We were SO concerned about him starting school as a very very young 5 year old, his birthday is at the end of June....but, he has far exceeded everything!!! He is excelling in everything he is doing...he has his "days" where he's not doing so hot, but HEY don't we all have those "days".....he is counting and writing to 100....and reading, and, cutting so great (even his hair!!! YES his hair! UGH) but when he started school he didn't do great on this topic, but once again, God is good and is helping him in every area of his development....We have prayed for Peyton every single day since the day we knew we were pregnant with him, and God continues to show up and do wonders in his life!!
In October, we were told that Peyton needed tubes in both his ears, and Adenoids, we did....and we prayed about this situation, and how he'd recover and if there would be any sort of change, once again God showed up, he had a lot of fluid behind his ear, and the Doctor cleared that out as he was putting tubes in his ears....and mind you before the tubes, this is how we found out he needed them, was that at school, he failed his hearing test in his ear, and failed it twice!!! But 2 weeks ago he PASSED with flying colors! He is doing so great with eye-hand coordination!!! He was tossing balls up in the air and catching them without thinking, AND he couldn't do this before, not consecutively....and catching balls that were being thrown to him, is a complete change as well!!! GOD IS SO GOOD! Just watch out baseball season this year ;0)!!!
Lets see....I'm sure there is more on Peyton, but I'm going to Blog better this next year I PROMISE!!!

Now to little Brayden, our youngest, my goodness, I don't think I'll catch everything he's doing, so I'll try in list form lol!

-Since I wrote well maybe he did before I wrote last, but he started sitting up on his own at about 5 1/2 months....
-He then managed to learn to roll ALL over the floors and would be all over the house with this method of getting around....UNTIL the first weekend in November, at 8 months old he was crawling FULL TIME, and now he's ALLL over our house, and is climbing now too....and he'll climb and walk himself down whatever he's standing up holding onto, such as the couch, he'll walk from one couch to the other holding onto it!!!! He's standing up on his own, here and there as well!
-He is saying, Dada, Papa, Bubba, Bye bye, and waves w/it ;0), and here lately he'll go MMMMMMMMMMMMM like he's trying to say momma he'll get it SOON
-He loves LOVES his big Bubba, and Peyton loves him, it's such a strong love that I'm tearing up right now as I write this! He squeals when Peyton enters the room, or attacks him if he's on the floor with him...I love it! and Peyton is equally in love with him!!!
-Brayden is so interested in this little table Peyton still eats at as well, and wants everything to do w/Peyton as he's eating at it, Peyton doesn't want him around so much when that happens LOL
-there is SOOo much more, I will definitely keep up better going forward, I PROMISE!

One story though, is that this past week we were watching a friend's child, and Peyton and her were playing with a video game, and Brayden climbed right on top of them trying to get to it as well LOL well, I decided to get bar stools out so that he wouldn't bother them, and they sat on them as he was trying to mess w/them....and then they brought out monster trucks to play with...once again you know who got into their space, so they ran to Peyton's room and shut the door, well here goes Brayden towards Peyton's was HILARIOUS!!! and we had to keep catching him so he wouldn't bother them....OH THE JOY of sibling rivalry ALREADY lolol!!!

Well, below are the boys Christmas/Winter Pictures that my dear friend Athena Davis did for us!!! Enjoy ;0)

And Yes I'll keep up more, and add more fun pictures maybe to go with the above stories LOL!

Click here to view photos

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life Has Changed the Past Few Weeks.....

Peyton's 1st Day of Kindergarten!!

As of August 19, 2009, Jason and I were no longer parents of just 2 little boys, we became the parents of a boy in SCHOOL, and a baby.....we no longer just got up and rolled out of bed....and I went to work, and Jason got the boys ready and took them to his mom's, letting them both sleep in! Nope! Now it's me waking up at 6.30 and then "starting the process" of getting Peyton out of bed.....which we have to start way in advance because he isn't a morning person :0)!!

But, Peyton loves Kindergarten!!! I was trying to be the "good mommy" and pack him a cute little lunch and with a note in it!!! And I find out he hardly ate it, but he immediately told us he wanted to get a tray!!! And since then he has eaten in the cafeteria and hasn't wanted me to bring his lunch LOLOLOL! Kindergarten is so much different than when we were in Kindergarten!!! Now they are doing things that 2nd Graders did when I was little! Reading. Writing Sentences. a BUNCH of paperwork!!! It's just unreal!!! And Peyton just turned 5 and I sometimes wonder if we did the right thing by putting him straight in Kindergarten, but we all have a peace that he's in the right place and where he needs to be!!! God is in Control.....and He is with him when we cannot be.....and He is helping him when we can't comfort him....Peyton is God's Child, that God has blessed us with to thankful He did!!!

Now Brayden, whoa! So much is changing in his life!!! He is rolling ALL over the place! If Peyton is in the room he rolls to where Peyton is. If we put a blanket down to help him not spit up on the rug, he rolls off of it....But it's the neatest thing to see him especially try to go where Peyton is! He is sitting up so well now too, not completely, but pretty steady!! He is saying a sound that sounds like "MMMMM" and I've been working with him to say MOMMA LOL! ;0) Sorry Jason!

So, life is just crazy, it's been an adjustment....but awesome for us, and we're so blessed once again of our 2 amazing boys!

Some Photos of Brayden.....and of him chewing on his highchair too :0)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boys Boys Boys!

That's right being a mom of 2 boys has completely changed my life since February 27th! It's been nothing but an awesome adventure and challenge (not necessarily about the gender...I'm sure it'd be the same if I had a girl ;0)!) Just being a mom of 2 has been an ADVENTURE!! No one told me or gave me hints on how to balance 2 children, it's just been a learning experience since day one! And I have loved every minute of it, even the most STRESSFUL times, like Peyton doing one thing while Brayden is fussing....but the peaceful and loving times out weigh those horrible times by far!!

Some highlights are of Peyton just loving on Brayden or when Brayden hears Peyton's voice he immediately starts looking for him wherever he is at! The love that both of my boys have for each other brings tears to my eyes! I am so very proud of BOTH of them and how completely Blessed we are to have 2 very healthy little men!

My first born, little sweetheart! just turned 5 and is about to start Kindergarten, and today at lunch I was talking about this with my co-workers and it is so exciting and so sad at the same time, it just seems like yesterday he was coming home from the hospital and Jason and I had no clue on what to do with a brand new baby!!! Kindergarten and the morning routine of school is going to be all new to our family.....Some of the huge things he's doing now are: he's counting to 100, he's learning how to read little words, he is amazing on the computer, the child even knows how to print things!!!! Some adults can't do that LOL!!! I don't like him playing for long periods of times, but he is amazing with video games, no matter if it's the Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3, he is awesome at it, or even his own little PSP, he just recently got new games on the PSP and he picks it up and plays them like he's been playing for many many years!!! And Spiritually he is growing so much!!! How he talks about the stories in his Bible that we read him, and how he soaks it in, and then asks us questions later on....he is one little sponge that is taking it ALL in, and that's why I want to protect him so much from going to school....but it's part of life, and that's why God is there for us, and praying is a way for us to ask God to protect and to cover him from the enemy! I didn't know I'd go on and on about Peyton, but my heart is aching for him and what God is doing in his life....I pray that I am being a good mommy to him, and that God will give me wisdom to continue to be a good mommy.....

Now almost 5 month old (on the 27th!) What a little ball of Sunshine! Literally! He's 18 pounds now and 26 inches, in the 90th percentile guys! My boys come out small but end up big as an infant lol! Brayden is learning to move so much on the floor, he hates tummy time which I worry about at times and how I don't want him to have a flat head, so we move him on his tummy so that he will have equal time on both back and tummy.....He is holding on and enjoying his little toys and rattles that go in his hands! He is laughing and cooing and smiling so very much, I LOVE IT!!! He just recently got a jumperoo where he is learning to jump and move around in it, and he is doing such a good job with it!! (Thanks Crista for letting us borrow it!!!) He is learning how to enjoy cereal now at night and I just introduced him to applesauce, which he DEVOURED lol, my child likes to eat!!! LOL!! In church he is doing so much better, which he never did bad just sometimes he didn't want to fall asleep in church so he'd cry out, but now he TALKS out, and I have to leave the sanctuary, but I'm not ready for him to be in the nursery yet :0) he'll only be a baby once!!! and in classes at church for years to come!!! AND he is sleeping so well at night....he goes to sleep about 8.30 or 9 and sleeps through until about 7 or 8 the next morning! KNOCK ON WOOD!! but I'm thankful for it right now!!!

I am so in love with my 2 little men, and of course my amazing husband, but I just needed to update on how our 2 little guys are doing, and how very blessed we are to have them as our children, and to call them ours, our Gifts that God has given us to raise, and I pray DAILY that God will lead and direct us to raise our boys up to be Godly men......

This scripture is so true for both our children:
I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.

Friday, June 19, 2009

to my Peyton Isaiah Sharpe....

One year old!
15 Months
18 Months with Uncle Shane (Shane's favorite sport!)

2 Years Old!

3 Years Old
4 Years Old
and now ;0)
I cannot believe that we are 2 days away from your 5th Birthday! Just seems like yesterday you were born! I was scared to death to be a mommy for the first time and to be so far away from my family that lived in Texas.....The first moment I held you in my arms my love for you just overcame me like a huge wave, it was so overwhelming and so strong!!! You had the prettiest jet black hair and you were the tiniest little thing at just 6 pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long!!! Our journey began that day on June 21, 2004 at 6.15 p.m. of being parents!! You have DEFINITELY paved the way for little Brayden ;0)!!! You were such a sweet baby, (still are sweet ;0)!) you got so chubby so quickly, you came out tiny but grew instantly LOL ;0) You didn't start out crawling, but would roll everywhere, you started that like at 7 months and did it until you were 12 months then you crawled for a like a month and then began walking!! You were so adventurous!! I used to try to put hair things in your hair, and daddy hated it, so he immediately taught you about sports and how to play video games (how ironic that your birthday party tomorrow is a Wii birthday)!!

But Peyton, God has definitely blessed us with your life!! You have taught us so much about ourselves through your life, God has used you at such a young age, to teach us things!! You are God's Child that He is ALLOWING us to raise up...and what an honor it is to be your mommy!!! I love you my sweet Peyton! Happy 5th Birthday!!! I hope you enjoy it!!! You deserve the best!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Daddy's Chair in his office...

1st Sunday outfit March 22, 2009

All Smiles

Our Wonderful Boys!!!

Peyton loves to quiet Brayden LOL

MORE Smiles!!!

Whoa, I'm behind on blogging, above are the latest pictures of our new life!!! Brayden Josiah is now TWO months old as of yesterday!!! Happy Birthday baby boy!! He is doing great! He wakes up about twice a night and is now sleeping in his crib....(as of last week)! He is really cooing and smiling a lot lately too, I love it!!! And I love just to talk to him!! Unfortunately, I had to return back to work last Monday, it was really tough, but God has helped us, especially me through it...last week went by really fast actually. I'm just exhausted when I get home, and I have no clue how I'm going to keep my house "perfect"'s tough...I need to figure out a routine, or something! I just want to love on my boys when I get home, NOT clean the house!!! Brayden's eyes are still a light blue, they haven't changed much, I did notice they looked a little green yesterday, (Jason has green eyes) so I don't know what color he'll have....he still has a lot of hair :0) Peyton looked a lot like Brayden did at this age, it's crazy seeing pictures of both of them!! God has truly blessed us with 2 amazing little men!! We just daily need guidance from Him on how to raise them up to be Godly men....

Next are pictures of Peyton, he is playing teeball for the first time! And doing a great job! Jason is his's hilarious watching them! First time Peyton went up to bat he made a HOMERUN!!! YAY!!! :0)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

February 27th Changed our Lives!!

On Februrary 27, 2009, at 1:11 p.m. our lives as just the 3 Sharpe's changed instantly! What an amazing day!

At 5 a.m. we checked into Women's East Pavilion in Chattanooga into Room 8813! It was so early, but that was the time the Doctor wanted us there for my Induction....At 8 a.m. the Doctor came in and say hey and see how I was doing then she broke my Water!!! The pitocin drip started at 6.45 a.m.....By 11 a.m. I was having very strong contractions....and I knew then it was time for the EPIDURAL!! i was able to rest for a two short hours, because at 12.50 I knew it was time to have Brayden! The doctor arrived about that time, and within 5 minutes of her arriving I was ready to push, and within 15 minutes of pushing (NO LIE) I had Brayden Josiah Sharpe, he was 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20.75 inches long and had a head FULL of hair, mostly in the back but still a lot! That was the quickest morning I had every went by so fast....the following day I went home too!

Since that day, so much has happened in our lives....and I have been beyond overwhelmed....but GOD has been there for me and has helped me through it because no one has been there to....First of all, on the Sunday after Brayden was born our church had it's Church Dedication because we have an amazing new church to worship in!! And they had a revival through Sunday, that meant Jason was not around pretty much from Saturday through Wednesday....after coming home Wednesday night he went straight to bed...he felt AWFUL, and couldn't move, we find out Friday Jason had the FLU!!!!!!!!!!! But from Wednesday until Friday we couldn't keep Peyton out of his room and face, so Peyton went to Jason's parents on Friday night, and early Sunday morning, Peyton comes down with the FLU!!! I was so emotional! I couldn't be there to help Jason get better (we left him in his room) nor could I be there for Peyton, because we did not want Brayden to get it, or he would of had to go to the was just tough, BEYOND tough!!!! But, God has healed my two guys!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! And they are feeling so much better!!!

Another thing that has been overwhelming is just keeping the house clean, because the first 2 weeks you're not suppose to do anything strenuous like major house it was tough seeing my house getting dirtier and dirtier and knowing there are flu germs I used the Lysol Wipes and Lysol spray and did the best I could!! :0) Anyhow....I'm just venting....:0)

But! Today I went to Target for the first time with both boys and I survived!!! Yay!! I know this is silly to most people but I'm such a worry wart! And I didn't know what Peyton would do, if he'd run away from me in the store or went well, although Peyton did throw a fit because we didn't stay at the games longer so he could play....but overall it went great!

I am posting a link from Facebook of the photos that I had posted there...:0) enjoy them!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A baby boy is about to be born!!

I am thrilled to announce that Brayden Josiah will make his appearance on February 27th, if not sooner! Our doctor said it is time for him to come!!! I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced!! Maybe he'll come before!

We have been blessed with 3 showers in all in our pregnancy, 2 of which happened this week...One from my friends here at South Cleveland, it was held at the church, the NEW church!! Yep! South Cleveland's first service in their new church was this past Sunday, it was awesome there were 778 there! Then the shower was at 3.45, we had quite a few people show up and a bunch of great gifts!! We were beyond thankful for everything we received, I am attaching a link to my facebook that has all these pictures....I am starting to look like a person that could have a baby at any time, my face is really can tell in the pictures....I am more than ready for him to get here ;0)!

Go here to look at the photos from Facebook... (click on Facebook)

Then our 3rd shower was given to me by the State Office where I was so nice, they had Olive Garden catered in, and we got some really good stuff at this shower too! We are beyond thankful for all the gifts and love that all 3 showers brought!

I can't believe I'm at the end of this pregnancy, seemed like yesterday we were announcing it to everyone back in June and July.....It has truly been a great Pregnancy, I am so thankful I wasn't on bedrest like I was with Peyton!!!

If I don't blog before the 27th, I'll have pictures up of our lil man very soon!

One more thing...Peyton is excited about being a big brother, he has his good days and bad about it, but I know it's going to be a huge adjustment for him, but we have done different things to make it special for him, like we got him a new bed and bedding (click on bedding to see it) and he also got a new Fat Head (click on Fat Head) to go on the wall for Valentines, so he is getting big boy stuff so he knows that he is definitely our big boy!!! :0) Pray for Peyton during this transition, and for us as we our transitioning between one child to 2.....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Doctor's Appointment...33 1/2 weeks!

Well, I am 33 1/2 weeks now...and I had my doctor's appointment....and I go back in 2 more weeks!!! We're getting so close, and I'm so excited, and just flat out ready!! Little Brayden Josiah is so low that it's painful carrying him....but we're going to get through it, and not too much longer :0)
At the appointment, she said everything looks good, that I'm measuring right on track, and that he is making me look bigger than I am because of the way he is positioned in my stomach....thanks Brayden ;0) j/k and he's low and therefore I'm really swollen...that's ok though...:0)
I am so thankful for this beautiful baby growing inside of me, and I'm excited to see how Peyton is going to do with the new baby and the change that is about to take place....God has been so good to us, and we daily thank Him for ALL He has done....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

SIX and half more weeks to go...and a little update...

So it's been a month since I last updated on the Sharpe Household....:0)
We had a WONDERFUL Christmas...we stayed in Cleveland, TN on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and headed to Texas on Christmas night....We spent time with Jason's parents on Christmas Eve night, but that day Peyton and I baked cookies for Santa, and I was so excited because he enjoyed making them!! Then we headed home to Jason's parents...that night we came home and prepared for Santa Claus it was fun to be able to do that at our own home....and we got up the next morning, not too early, Peyton slept in :0)...and had our own little Christmas at our house, and I made Monkey Bread like the tradition we have always had at my house growing up, it was SOOO good :0) Then we headed to Jason's parents house.....
That night we drove to Memphis and stayed the night and arrived in Van Alstyne the following day at about 3.30...and guess how warm it was EIGHTY DEGREES!!! Crazy warm! Peyton loved it, he immediately went outside and played with Pops!!!
I love going "home" and is always so nice to run into people that I grew up with or just being at my "home"....although it's not the home I grew up in all my life, it's still my parent's home, since it's close enough :0)....
While we were there, my mom, my sisters, and sister in law, and my aunt and best friend through me a Baby Shower for Brayden, it was so great to see my friends again, and also get some neat stuff for Brayden! Including his new Bedding!!!!
But, the visit to Texas was great.....and to think that the next time we're there we'll have a 4th member to our family!! Yay!
Then our trip was immediately cut short, Jason had to get back by 10 a.m. on New Year's Day to move into his new office at the new church (no, we're still not in it yet) so we drove through the night on New Year's Eve night....Happy 2009 to us ;0) huh? So, we drove and drove...Peyton went to sleep about 11 p.m. and slept until 11 a.m. the next morning, it was WONDERFUL to be able to sleep in too!! Although Jason couldn't sleep in....he was out most of the day....
Then we all had to go back to work on January 5th....I had been out for 2 1/2 weeks, so it was tough getting back into the groove of things....but, we are slowly, but's tough for me to go to bed early although I'm this far along, because we were getting used to sleeping in....
Peyton started his new preschool, finally, at Westwood Baptist Preschool here in town, he has 2 great teachers, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Morris, and an excellent Director...Mrs. Rhonda Walsh!!! What I meant by finally is that he was suppose to start January 7th, and we had a downpour of rain, and our city and county schools were closed, therefore Peyton didn't go to school....until January the 9th.....and then this past Friday he was out again, b/c the schools closed b/c it was too cold.....and then Monday is MLK Day and we're out, so it's tough that he hasn't gone into full swing yet....but he will...:0) Pray for him....
And, I'm 33 1/2 weeks now....I'm doing pretty good....I'm exhausted, and everything, and Brayden is definitely low....and I'm started to swell....bad....but we're almost finished with this pregnancy YAY!!! It's tough sitting at work all day, although I get up and walk around once or twice in an hour, it's like he gets settled in the lowest part of me, and it is so painful....but like I said I'm so thankful for this AMAZING Gift God is giving us....and we're so very thankful, and we pray that God continues to develop him to be strong and healthy!!!
We got Brayden's crib too this week!!! So exciting! I was kind of worried because we found it online, and it looked so wonderful, and it was a great deal, including free shipping!!! I prayed and prayed after I placed that order that everything was fine with it, and it was just as gorgeous in person.....and it was, if not more than what I thought!!! I am posting pictures of the crib w/our new we're looking for Peyton some furniture and some bedding for his room....he is being so good about all this transition....he wants to help so much! I love it! I'm so proud of him!!!
Well, I am sending links to our pictures that I posted on facebook, and even if you don't have an account, you can look at my pictures through this link....they pretty much sum up what's going in our lives :0) or have gone on.....

Here are Christmas Photos:

Christmas #2

Texas Christmas

Texas Baby Shower

Fun Times in Jan 09

Baby Brayden's Crib