Sunday, June 15, 2008

more pictures....

Summer 2008 has begun....

Well, I haven't wrote since May, I can't believe a month has already gone by, and it's actually Father's Day today!!!

Happy Father's Day to our Dads....Calvin Hall and Brian Sharpe, and Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband, who is the Daddy to our lil man!!!

We have done a lot thus far in one month!

Peyton has ended and did a great job in his swim lessons at the YMCA. He enjoyed it so much! And now we are swimming a couple of times a week in his grandparent's pool, and he's showing off all of the things he learned! This year, he is a lot more daring, he loves to dive off the diving board!!! But, I'm so proud of him! I love the floating device that the YMCA uses, it goes around his waist and it's like 4 square floats on his back. Peyton loves it too!! Last year he wore the bathing suit with the float inside of it. So this is a lot better and he isn't secluded to a swimsuit that covers his entire boday.

We also had a Youth/Children's Department Golf Tournament. Which was a great success!!! Peyton and I worked the tournament, and while the guys played he hit some golf ball off the Driving Range and some on the putting green, he is our little golfer! I would never of guessed that I would have a son that loved golf so much!!!! But, I do! :0)

We have started our Church of God Youth Camps too at Signal Mountain Campground. We just had the Senior Teen Camp ages 15-17. It was a great camp with Lee Claypoole as the Camp Speaker. We didn't have a huge group from our church attend, but those that went seemed to love it!! Jason played a key role in organizing camp this year, and he loves it! I am very proud of him!

This Friday mom, dad, and Becca are coming in for Peyton's birthday party, which is Saturday at Playworld Down Under. So, we're excited about that! This week is also Tennessee State Camp Meeting in the mornings and at it's a break off from Youth Camps...Friday Morning Jason will receive his Ordained Bishop Certificate, this is the highest rank of license for the Church of God, so this is a big deal, and it'll be a ceremony during Friday Morning Camp Meeting.

So, this is the up-to-date of the Sharpe's....:0)

And pictures...