Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Since the last blog....

My little stud! :0)

Peyton & Makayla-Peyton's face is a little silly here LOL!

Peyton & Mak playing!

First snow of 2008!!! How exciting!! Too bad it was ABOVE freezing lol

But, Peyton LOVED it!!!

Uncle Shane & Aunt Heidi will appreciate this picture :0)!!!

Here it is already January 23rd!
This month has FLOWN by!!!
We're all doing so well....
This past weekend Jason was out of town, for a Tools Conference, so Peyton and I went on a DATE! We went to see the new Veggie Tales...the Pirates Who don't Do Anything! It was quite cute! If I had known that it would of been opening night of 27 Dresses, I would of passed on going Friday night though, just didn't want to be at the house by ourselves on a Friday night....The line was forever long :0( Once we got in got the popcorn it had already started, but Peyton was ok with that! The movie was good, just a few things that disturbed Peyton...such as the cheese curls chasing one of the little guys, I could tell because he got REALLY tense!! I was holding his hand and he was squeezing it pretty hard, poor thing! I'm just thankful the pirates didn't have skeletons on their hats, a little too much for a 3 year old! But, when the movie was over he didn't want to leave lol, he said can we stay? Hard to explain to a 3 year old, that you can't just hang out in a movie theater HAHA!

Another thing Peyton is big on is the XBOX 360 his uncle Justin got him a pack of 3 for Christmas, the Pixar Cars and Open Season and another one, he loves 2 out of the 3, and is pretty good at it! I can actually do the games, and I've never been big on all that! lol

:0) We love all of you guys!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

2007-What a Year

2007 has already come and gone, as of 5 days ago, I seriously cannot believe it's already gone!!

January-was a month that wasn't much of anything going on...

February-we knew it was about to get super busy in our household...

March-we decided to sell our first home we actually bought, to make money on it, and buy another home that we will sell in 2 years...that was an adventure in of itself, but God knew our intentions--mine were to get out of the home, that the porch was 12 ft about the concrete driveway that scared me half to death with a very active toddler turning preschooler!! The first couple that looked at the home BOUGHT the house! God is so good! We moved into our new place the last weekend in March...

April-Peyton and I flew to Texas for my grandparents 50th anniversary, that was so mcuh fun! and Peyton was the best little traveler I was so proud of him!!! :0)

May-graduation month for our teenagers, we took our Seniors to Orlando for a long weekend to Universal Studios Florida, it was a blast!

June-Peyton turned 3 on June 21st and we had a Cars themed b-day at our house!! Youth camps began!! It wore us out, especially since my office is the one that conducts them and organizes them...Senior Teen Camp I was there the whole week, as well as Jason, and Peyton stayed Jason's parents....and camp lasted through July...

July-Recovering from Camp


October-First week of October went to a family trip to Orlando with Jason's parents and brother and Aunt and Uncle...that was a blast! I wish my family would do something like this...

November...and December ;0) I blogged

We had a wonder year! God has blessed us as a family, and to watch our little guy grow up so much and develop physically, emotionally, everything has been awesome! God has blessed us in our jobs, in the ministry as youth pastors...We are thankful to have Him as our Lord and Saviour!!

I am attaching some pictures of our Christmas with my family :0) enjoy!