Friday, May 28, 2010

Class of 2010 Lakeside Kindergarten Graduation!!!

I have a GRADUATE!!!

Peyton Isaiah just finished Kindergarten and I'm soooo very proud of him!!!

He began his first day of school at Yates Primary School and Ms. Dee Morris was his teacher.

Jason became the new Student Pastor at Metro Church in Mid-March.  So we were torn about what to do for school for Peyton whether he should go to the public school or a private.....
We decided to put Peyton in the Baptist Church across the street....they were known to be a great Kindergarten, and so he went there...and graduated Kindergarten at Lakeside Baptist.  I am soooo proud of this young man!  God has been right there with him through this HUGEEEEE transition and has walked with him through it all, again I'm beyond proud of my Peyton!!!

Enjoy the graduation pics :0)