Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010-A day filled with Memories!!

We had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!   It was a day filled with water, FIRSTS, good food, and GREAT Friends!!!  We went to Smith Lake near Cullman, AL....

The boys had a blast!!! Peyton more than Brayden....but he is older, Peyton was pretty much outside from 10-4!!! and would of stayed FOREVER!!!  He rode a seado for the first time and a boat as well!!  He caught 2 fish!! and just had a blast with Cameron, Hunter, and Cain!!!  Brayden had his 1st boat ride too, he didn't know what to think of it at first, he started to try to get OUT, but then calmed down once he figured out what was going on :0)  He also had a life jacket on the entire time he was near the water and did great with it, although it looked sooo awkward and uncomfortable on him...but he did so well!  He also took an almost 3 hour nap!!

I went on my first seado ride and drove one for the first time, it was a blast!!

We thank the Jarvis' and Lewis' for inviting us to a very fun day and letting us crash on all your water stuff and lake house!!  It was a great Memorial Day for sure!

Enjoy the pictures :0)


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