Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 months later...

Well, here I am 6 months after my last post!!!

Peyton is doing great!  He is in loving his 2nd year of Kindergarten, yes, I'll go ahead and let you know that we did allow him to do Kindergarten twice for so many reasons, the main reason is the age....he is a summer birthday, and the other was the fact that we left his really good Kindergarten in the middle of the school year last year, and he never truly learned much at his private school.........But WOW! He is totally a different child this year....he seems to be more of the leader now, rather than the follower, he is definitely more confident....and he is drawing, coloring, so well!  And is soaring HIGH in reading, and now Math...and his writing is just so beautiful!! I am one proud momma!  We had him in tackle football this fall, and that child went from hardly knowing how to do drills to being one of the MVPs on his team!!!  It just "clicked" one game, and he was just AMAZING!!! I am so proud of my Peyton Isaiah Sharpe!  Now, baseball is upon us, and he hasn't played since he was 4 because we moved here right after sign-ups and he couldn't play....I'm excited for him!

Brayden is doing great too!  He is in at an amazing Mother's Day Out Program at First Baptist Trussville...and I definitely think it's a God-send for him and our family!  One of the teachers he has looks and acts just like my grandmother did, who passed away 2 years ago.....he never knew it was so neat to meet her and talk to her, because she reminds me so much of her :0)  Brayden is such an outgoing too, very loud, and very demanding....strong-willed :0) I'm so thankful that he enjoys being around other kids his age, and he even loves spending time with our teenagers as does Peyton...I definitely think when they are around teens that they think they are one too!  Brayden has slowly shown signs of potty training...and the interest of it....we go occasionally while I'm home, I really don't know what they do at his MDO, but he is doing well at the time we do go....he's not even 2 yet ;0) I'm using this open window though to keep it consistent at home....

The past 6 months have been great!   I started a job at a place called PlanTech, and I have since found a new job, that I will start AL Power....I still wish I could be a stay at home mom....I feel like I'm missing out on SO much....I'm afraid I'm not as close to my kids as I wish to be, that I am so stretched that I feel like I'm going to pop....Lord, help me.....I hope we are doing the right thing....

 Here is a picture of Brayden's haircut!
Peyton getting bragged about @ his banquet!
 Peyton LOVES being in his musicals!!!