Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday 2010 AND also Brayden's 1st Super Bowl!!

Welllllllllllllllllll Last Sunday was a sad Sunday for my husband:
the Colts lost :0(

But, it we had a houseful of teens and friends and soooooo the lost wasn't TOO bad hah! :0)
Enjoy the pictures of the boys....Brayden loved interacting with the teens; and Peyton was in the backyard the entire time w/the middle school boys, as they did not WATCH the game, but played football in the backyard, and later found out it was TACKLE football, and that they also got a girl's number LOL (not Peyton!)

Anyhow it was a blast, enjoy the pictures....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

23 days really?

I cannot believe in 23 days I will no longer have a "baby-baby" in my household.  My heart is very sad thinking about this, I feel at any moment I could burst out in TEARS!  This time last year I was so huge and it literally hurt to move....and now I'm moving CONSTANTLY with my sweet lil man, when I'm home with him.....(that's a different story)

He is doing sooo much these days...and in a matter of days he will be RUNNING everywhere...this is just crazy to me!  He loves exploring the ENTIRE house!!!  and loves to be right where I'm at....I love playing with him in his room, we just shut the door and play with whatever we can....I'm so thrilled to know he loves to play and figure out how to do different stuff!!

Brayden Josiah will be 1 in 23 days, and just feels like yesterday that God blessed us with another boy....I am so very thankful for this amazing little man!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So what's up with Us?

Well, the pictures are in reverse order, sorry, and I don't want to take the time to reverse them back  :0)
Here is Brayden checking out his Big Brother....he didn't get a lot of snow time b/c he was trying to get sick 

Now he's loving on his brother, Peyton was kissing him 2! :0)
Brotherly Love!
This is what Peyton figured out he could do....remove all the snow/ice off the backyard chairs and throw it against the fence....:0)
Figuring it out :0)

Brayden loves his walker!

His FAVORITE part of the living! The entertainment center box, he LOVES to turn up the volume!

Learning to LOVE his sippy cup...we're trying ;0)

Peyton received a HIGH honor, and got Student of the Month at Yates Primary School for the month of January....the characteristic was "Self-Discipline"

Peyton throwing snowballs back at Jason!

Brayden and I posing :0)

Peyton's picture of us posing ;0)

Neat photo :0) Peyton is learning how to make his 1st snowball!

Posing!! Notice our car in the road, we couldn't get up the driveway :0(
Walking to mommy!
He Made it!!!!
Polar Express came a little later to Peyton's school, because there was bad weather before Christmas!
Peyton's cool Teacher! Ms. Morris